Teacher Training Course 1 & 2 combined (Online)
Paratattva Catuspathi 


The Teacher Training Course is open to all devotees interested in Krsna-conscious education. The course has been professionally developed to help fulfill ISKCON’s educational purposes. This course is officially authorized by the ISKCON Board of Examination (BOEX) under the ISKCON Ministry of Education. After successfully completing Teacher Training Course or TTC levels 1, 2, and 3, the participants will receive ISKCON Teachers Certificate directly from the ISKCON Ministry of Education. For TTC 1 & 2 (Combined) participants don’t require to have a Bhakti Sastri degree but for TTC 3 which is also known as BSTTC (Bhakti Sastri Teacher Training Course) the participants need to complete a Bhakti Sastri degree. This registration page is for TTC 1 & 2 only, for TTC 3 or BSTTC, which we also conduct online every three to four months, there is another registration page from our website. Those who haven’t got a Bhakti Sastri degree yet can now take TTC 1&2 and later after receiving the Bhakti Sastri degree, can take TTC 3.  


This course helps to develop the skills required not only inside the classroom but also outside the classroom in dealing with people in different relationships. How should you ask your question in a specific way so that you easily get the desired answer? How should you respond to those answers positively, so that the other person feels encouraged to open up more and speak from the heart? How should you positively listen and ask questions as a teacher, mentor, manager, leader, parent, or even spouse?
In short, devotees always find this course filled with real-life skills, very much useful to develop their interpersonal behavior, which is a blessing to have in order to take forward the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada all over the World.
This course aims to equip the students with the following:
    • Speaking skills
    • Effective use of resources
    • Proper delineation of aims and objectives
    • Skills in writing lesson outlines/plans
    • The ability to give oral feedback for assessment
    • Different interactive teaching and preaching styles
    • The art of empathic listening
    • Experiential Learning
    • Positive & negative learning experiences
After completing this course the students will be qualified to teach various sastric courses in ISKCON like IDC, Bhakti Sastri, Bhakti Vaibhava, etc. with the recommendation and approval of their respective education centers.
They will also learn about how to design a new course curriculum or adjust the existing curriculum according to their respective geographical or cultural needs if necessary…


  • Teachers or aspiring teachers
  • Preachers
  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Counselors
  • Parents


We have common batches regularly. You can contact us if you want to arrange a separate batch for your yatra or community.
Next Batch: November 15 to December 7, 2023
5 days a week (Thursday & Sunday off)
Class timings: India: 6-8 AM IST | USA: 8.30-10.30 PM, (EST) or 7.30-9.30 PM (CST)
Important Note: Our minimum student limit per batch is 12 and the maximum student limit per batch is 18. Once our batch fills up, we will put you in the next batch. In order to know the current batch status please ask us on WhatsApp at +918670767555
Because of the difference in time zone internationally, we had to adjust the current timing somehow. However, devotees from the same timezone can form a group of a minimum of 12 in number and propose a new batch according to their time preference.


Language: English
Medium: Zoom
Class Duration: 2 Hours per day
Total Number of Classes: 15-18 sessions (including students’ presentations)
Important Note: Class numbers may change during the course based on the number of students, so students are requested to spare extra 1 or 2 days in their hands for the course ending.

Course Fees:

41 USD or 2500 INR
Payment Methods:
Phone pay/Google pay: +918670767555
PayPal: thirthraj.221jpsdas@gmail.com
Bank Transfer: Paresh Roy, PUNB Bank, Mayapur Branch, Account no: 2201 2001 0000 5531, IFSC: PUNB0220120, Swift Code: PUNBINBBDCA
Whatsapp: +918670767555
Email: ttc.catuspathi@gmail.com
*Course fees are not refundable.

Our Expectations from Students: 100% Attendance

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