Paratattva Catuspathi happily welcomes you to Bhakti Vaibhava Self-paced course. This is a course under the ISKCON Board of Examinations which functions under the supervision of the ISKCON Ministry of Education according to the instruction of His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 

Course Curriculum: Srimad Bhagavatam Cantos 1-6

Once the student fills up the registration form, he/she will be assigned under a guide, who will assist the student for assessments.

Class and assessment system: In this Self-paced course, there will pre-recorded classes. After the registration the student will receive the class links. The student has to listen to these classes on his/her own pace and confirm to the guide. Then only the student can appear for the personalized online assessment at their own convenience of both the student and the guide.

Duration: The student has to complete the course within a minimum period of 4months and a maximum period of 3 years from the time of registration. If the student fails to complete the course within 3 years then his/her registration will be invalid. If the student wants to restart the course again, then he/she will have to register again with fees of minimum 500 rs. 


  • Finished Bhakti Sastri Course

Assessments: There are three types of assessments. 

  • Closed Book Assessments (CBA)

  • Open Book Assessments (OBA)

  • Sloka Assessments

  • Students Presentations

CBA and Slokas will be oral through video meeting and OBAs have to be written and sent through Email or WhatsApp to the assigned guide. If the guide and the student happen to be in the same place then the CBA may be taken in written form also. Students presentation will be oral and the student has to record it and send to the Guide. Further guidelines for the presentations will be provided later on when the course starts.

Answering questions: We will create a separate WhatsApp group with all the students and guides for asking questions. Our other teachers and guides can answer the questions there either through writing or voice note. Selected questions we will answer through videos on our Youtube channel “Paratattva” and add to the playlist called, “Bhakti Vaibhava QA”. Also we will have a page on our website where will periodically post and update the frequently asked questions. 

Occasional get-togethersOccasionally we may arrange online get-together sessions with all the students, guides and guest teachers, where we will have special seminars etc.

Sloka Memorization Sessions: Occasionally we may also arrange some online sessions where we will assist the students to memorize slokas. 

Special Concerns: For special concerns, students can contact with Padmamukha Nimai Das. WhatsApp +918670767555. Email:

Course Fees: Free for the Paratattva Catuspathi prime members.

Membership process: By one time donation of minimum $ 15 or 1008 Rs, one can be the Paratattva Catuspathi member for 5 years.

This Membership offers: 

  • Free Bhakti Sastri 
  • Free Bhakti Vaibhava 
  • Free Sastric courses based on Srila Prabhupada books.
  • Special festival discount from Paratattva Bookstore.
  • Special discount on our language and skill development courses. 

Donation System:

Phone pay/Google pay: +917384104165

Bank Transfer: PARESH ROY

ICICI Bank, Mayapur Bamanpukur Branch

Account No: 4024 01000 579

IFSC Code: ICIC0004024

Swift code: ICIC0004024

Whatsapp: +918670767555

Special Note: We are trying to facilitate the devotees to do the Bhakti Vaibhavacourse at their own convenience. So we expect that the student be self motivated to complete the course within the duration of 3 years and not delay. The guide does not take the responsibility to motivate or push the student to complete the assessment.

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Lectures By

HG Atul Krishna Das
HG Vidvan Gauranga Das
Padmamukha Nimai Das