In ‘Reflections on Sri Caitanya Bhagavata’, with Atul Krsna Prabhu, we will discuss general principles of Vaisnava culture and behavior, based upon Srila Vrndavan Dasa Thakura’s vivid descriptions of Navadwipa Chandra’s divine lilas, and discuss the relevance of these principles for our practice of Krsna consciousness. The significance of Sri Gaurachandra’s dealings with His eternal associates in Navadwipa Dhama is mentioned by Srila Vrndavan Dasa Thakura in Adi Khanda Chapter 1 text 88,

mana diyā śuna, bhāi, śrī caitanya-kathā
bhakta-saṅge ye ye līlā kailā yathā-yathā

My dear brother, please hear with attention the topics of Śrī Caitanya concerning the various pastimes that He performed with His devotees.

In ‘Reflections on Sri Caitanya Bhagavata’ we will focus on specific Bengali verses, from Sri Caitanya Bhagavat, and reflect upon the brilliance of Srila Vrndavan Dasa Thakura’s poetic mastery in describing Sri Sacinandan’s Navadwip nitya-lila.

When: Every fortnight. Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Where: This will be an on-site and online class.

On-site campus: Paratattva Catuspathi, Ground Floor, Tulsi Bhavan, Ganganagar, Sri Mayapur.

For online, we will have a Telegram group, where we will share the zoom links for the classes. Recordings of the classes will also be posted on Youtube. The classes will be conducted by HG Atul Krishna Prabhu.

Fees: All the sastric classes conducted by us, including this course, will be based on the traditional system of daksina: students can financially contribute as they like and this will be considered a sign of mutual goodwill and trust, rather than a payment with obligations. And therefore, Paratattva Catuspathi reserves the right to remove dissident students.

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